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Our Brand

At Outspoke we are committed to being a brand you trust and offering the highest quality jewelry that you love.

Outspoke began as an idea; trying to figure out how to remove the intermediary between quality jewelry crafters and overly priced retail stores. We found the solution in building our brand online, sourcing from high-quality jewelers, and selling directly to you.

As our company goals have evolved, we've added to our commitments by directing focus towards giving back. Read more about our Give Me Five! program, and find out how and why we are choosing to give 5% of every sale to a charity of our customers' choice.

We offer jewelry that's perfect for your most special occasions as well as all your favorite casual outings. The designs of our pieces are timeless and can be worn by women and men alike. 


Mission & Vision

Outspoke's mission is to elevate your every day style.

Outspoke's vision is to be the most trusted jewelry company and to inspire you to be your best self.


Customer Experience

From end to end, your experience with Outspoke should be enjoyable. We strive to provide thorough customer support, complete transparency around our pricing and materials, and a seamless experience on our website.



To further ensure we are providing excellent products and services every day, we encourage you to contact us with any feedback and/or observations that you have regarding Outspoke.


Please contact support@outspoke-official.com with any feedback or questions you have. We are dedicated to always showing up for our customers.